Gymnastic Equipment




We focus on skills rather than material, use ​advanced tumbling equipment, and house campers in a lakefront resort!

Air Track

Our Air Tracks have the best design in the industry with unbeatable workmanship, bounce, warranty, and prices!


Air Pit

​Avoid the complications and high costs of a traditional in-ground loose foam pit.


The air pit is fun for the rec. kids and works well for upper level team training, such as beam dismounts and as an uphill landing surface for vault, which limits the fear of a solid mat stack and a standard pit that allows athletes to over rotate beginner level flipping skills.  Liang Chow 2008/2012 Olympic Coach

Our Maxathletics air track is worth it's weight in gold. On any given open tumbling session the 40' length we have at our facility, it is being used by up to 5 athletes at a time for 2 hours straight. For team training, it is pulled out from it's easily rolled up position along the wall and is fully inflated and 'in practice' in under a minute. We can teach everything on it from the most basic gymnastics progressions with our novice teams right through to whip-double fulls and beyond, with the advanced athletes. The firm controlled 'bounce' is perfectly dampened, allowing athletes to train with confidence without giving a false sense of power due to an overly bouncy track/bed rebound.   

Trace Tracey Head Coach: University of Western Ontario Cheerleaders

Owner: Power Cheer Gym - London Ontario

My gymnasts have loved the Maxathletics air track and air pit combination! They are now able to try and succeed at skills they never even dreamed possible in our facility.  The customer service we received was exemplary! You can tell they truly care about their customers. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to everyone I know! 

Marcy Miller Owner SASGC Gymnastics and Jackson Lumen Christi HS Gymnastics Coach