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The Air Track is an outstanding progressive learning tool for tumbling. Unlike conventional steel frame tumble tramps and tumble strips, the Air Track is much wider, has no hard surfaces, no sharp edges, and is completely portable!

Standard Sizes:

​-10ft Wide and 16 Inches or 20 Inches Tall

-Ranging from 8ft up to 30ft Long 

Prices:  20 inch tall Air Tracks are $130 per linear foot 

​             16 inch tall Air Tracks are $125 per linear foot

Standard Size Pricing (contact us for custom sizes):

All prices include a 1hp blower.

20 inch tall units with connecting flap:

1) 10ft long: $1300

2) 15ft long: $1950

3) 22ft long: $2860 

16 in tall units:

1) 15ft long: $1875 

2) 22ft long: $2750

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Our air tracks have the best design in the industry with unbeatable workmanship, bounce, warranty, and prices.

Our Air Tracks are the widest, flattest, and firmest in the industry. Our industry leading manufacturing process includes double stitching and glue on every seam. Gluing all seams, creates a firmer bounce, and a much longer product life, which is backed in our industry leading warranty

Our Air Track is wide enough and firm enough for multiple athletes including side by side tumbling, to double productivity.

Teams throughout the US and Canada are using our Air Tracks! 

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