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The Air Pit inflates in 40 seconds and most of the foam stays in place when deflated. 

Air Pit

We are now offering an inflatable pit which can be used for: 

  • Vault
  • Bars 
  • Beam
  • Floor
  • Seamless connection to an Air Track with a built in Velcro flap!

The Air Pit connects with the Air Track for safe and portable pit tumbling!

Standard Size:

8ft Wide X 4ft High X 14ft Long Priced at $2900 including a 1hp blower.


Custom Sizes can be made up to 20ft Wide X 20ft Long

Contact us for custom pricing

  • This is a great option for gyms that cannot build a pit
  • Less cost than a built in pit, and it is portable
  • Inflatable bottom means no need for a trampoline bottom like standard pits

Our industry leading manufacturing process includes double stitching, and glue on every seam. Gluing all seams creates a longer product life, which is backed by our industry leading warranty. Please click the red button at the top of this page or below to view our products through our Youtube channel.